Video Production



Productions often require a team of people, from Grips and Gaffers to Assistant Camera Operators  and Licensed Drone Pilots. These individuals ensure that we can capture and cover every project entirely.

What Sets Us Apart


8K, 6K, 5K, 4k & FULL HD QUALITY

At minimum my productions are captured in FULL HD QUALITY, 4K and above are available upon request. Retaining every detail and capturing tac sharp footage is standard.

Precise camera movements

We utilize various professional 3-axis gimbals, custom stabilization rigs, and drones that are able to employ fluid camera movements that will take your story to the next level.

A Stable of Content Creators

We work with content creators NATIONWIDE. No matter the production we have the staff capable of seeing your vision come to life

COLOR Correction

We color grade each clip to accurately depict the mood of the story at hand, as well as achieve the look and feel comparable to Hollywood movies.

real music

Music can make all the difference in how a story is felt. It shapes the viewer's experience. This is why I work with you to select the proper song that will draw your audience in.


audio engineering/sound design

Sound is often overlooked. But not with us. We know the importance that quality sound effects have on a video. Which is why we make sure to input quality sound effects that positively impact your video.