Quick Change System: Base & Discs

Quick Change System: Base & Discs

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Quick Change System: Base and Discs

Our mission is to help you save time on set, spend more time behind the camera, and less time behind the scenes.

This Quick Change system is perfect for any Bowens Mount user, from Strobe Photography, to Freelance and Production Video- This tool allows you to modify your modifier in seconds. Weather you use Gels, Diffusion Paper, Cloth, Diffraction Sheets, or any other type of filter, this alternative to clips and tape not only looks more professional, it affects you where it matters most. Your Wallet.

By being able to change out modifiers fast you have more control over your set.

Photographers that charge per picture can now achieve double, even tipple the shots and looks.- doubling or tippling your earning potential. Truly experiment with your set now that you have more time and less mess.

Videographers who work alone or in small crews can take advantage of short setup times, getting to what matters quickly, their shots. Avoid re shoots by making sure you can get a good variety of content by changing sets quickly.

  • Quickly change modifiers such as Gels and diffusion paper/cloth

  • Keep your Gels in great shape by handling them less

  • Get creative with setups, you have the time!

Our system is a proven 500% faster than using traditional methods to affix Gels and Diffusion to lights. It takes one snap, 5 seconds to change out colors. Increase your value by increasing your capabilities.

We Machine these parts here in Chicago, and only source from LOCAL VENDORS

We think it’s so important to support our fellow small business owners. That’s why we commit to not only supporting our economy, but supporting local businesses as well.

Our product is machined and assembled by us, and every component is sourced by a company either in or around Chicago.

Package Contents:

One (1) Quick Change Base

Eight (8) Magnetic Discs

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